Our leather, an eco-responsible choice!

If you had to remember only 4 things about our leather:

  1. All our leathers are from the revaluation of a residue from the agricultural food industry . No cow was bred to make it!

  2. It is produced in France , in a short circuit , in compliance with some of the strictest environmental and social standards in the world.

  3. It is a material that is extremely resistant , which will acquire a patina and become more beautiful over time . This makes it possible to make bags and wallets that will be able to accompany you for a long time. It's the complete opposite of fast fashion.

  4. No other material currently meets these quality and durability criteria.

Why do we favor leather?

Our main reason is quality. Did you know that a cowhide like the one we use is the guarantee of an extremely resistant product over time?

Leather is a very solid natural material, which has unequaled resistance to abrasion and time. Unpigmented leather on the surface, like the ones we use, will even improve with age. It will patina, darken and shine slightly.

Our second reason is the upgrading of waste into a noble and durable product. Indeed, all our leathers come from skin residues from the food industry. No animal was bred to make the leather worked in our workshops.

As long as humans consume meat, milk or wool, it will be necessary to upgrade the skins from these farms. Without this natural and ancestral upcycling, hundreds of tons of hides would have to be processed through an expensive and polluting process of rendering and landfilling or incineration. In order to avoid this waste, the skins are recovered and worked to create a high quality product: leather.

And then, we also work with leather because it is:

What about plant-based alternatives and vegan leather?

We must pay attention to the names “vegan leather” or “vegetable leather” which are misuses of language. Leather that is not animal leather does not exist!

However, we fully understand and respect the choice of vegans who do not wish to consume any farmed product. In order not to have to choose between veganism and Made in France, we are working on alternatives to leather for future collections. We are actively looking for other satisfactory materials in terms of durability, resistance, price, quality of touch and flexibility.

Our approach has always been guided by the eco-responsibility of our products and the impact of our brand on the planet. In order not to pollute, we must consume less. And to consume less, you have to invest in sustainable products.

Unfortunately, alternatives to vegan or vegetable-based leathers are not aligned with these core values. They are not synonymous with quality or eco-responsibility.

Alternative materials are generally chosen by fashion players for two reasons:

So, real leather or vegetable alternative?

A genuine leather bag lasts much longer than a faux leather or “apple leather” bag. It will even get better with time! No alternative to leather allows for such durability.

We are constantly on the lookout for new eco-responsible leathers and vegan materials in order to one day find the one that will allow us to offer you acceptable and affordable quality, without compromising our standards and our values.

In this expectation and in order to always limit our ecological impact a little more, we are working in a short circuit. Our leather is produced in an EPV-certified tannery in Occitanie, in a historic leather region. Our tannery works for the biggest luxury brands. For you, this is the guarantee of high quality leather and compliance with some of the most demanding social and environmental standards in the world. The standards for the recovery and filtration of water, the use of dyes, leather foods and other products, and the rules of work (time, hardship, salary, age, etc.) are scrupulously respected.