How to clean a leather bag? Care guide

Care, stain removal, scratches… We have the answer to all your problems!

Our leathers are "bare" and unlike the majority of leathers on the market, they are not covered with a plasticized layer, resinated with paint.

This means that your very beautiful leather bag will acquire a patina and will become even more beautiful! (We don't know about you, but we say yes!)

This also means that in the event of a stain, there is no plastic surface to protect against.

Stop! Don't even think about it! We advise against using waterproofing sprays. Although they are initially designed to protect the leather, their effectiveness is very limited over time, they modify the feel of the leather and an uneven application can have the opposite effect and permanently stain your leather bag. On top of all that, they are harmful to health (endocrine disruptors and nanoparticles) and to the environment.

But don't worry, beautiful, non-plasticized leather is easy to clean when you know how to do it.

And we tell you all our secrets!

How do you remove a wine or coffee stain from leather?

If we tell you that just water can be enough, do you believe us? And yet… you should!

  1. In the event of a stain, the best solution is to act immediately, so we rush to the first sink and adjust the temperature to obtain lukewarm water (neither hot nor cold).

  2. Then we go frankly, do not be afraid to wet the leather.

  3. Finally, let it air dry. Above all, do not place it on a heat source such as a radiator or hair dryer.

You will be surprised with the result!

Get rid of a stubborn stain on leather?

Water cleaning didn't work? Do not panic !
Read all the steps carefully before starting your cleaning. This will require a bit of dexterity and patience.

  1. Get our leather care kit. You will need the special leather sponge that is there.

  2. Stretch the leather well so that the passage of the sponge is effective. You can do it on your ironing board like a shirt.

  3. Lightly dampen the sponge.

  4. Make a single round trip without rubbing, barely pressing, on the area to be cleaned. Let dry to visualize the color and dose well the next pass of the sponge.

  5. If necessary, repeat the operation a second or even a third time.

NB: Be extremely careful, although it does not look like it, the sponge is slightly abrasive. This means finding the right dosage to remove the stain without fading the color of the bag.

Goodbye greasy stain on my leather bag

A greasy stain, food or other, quickly arrives. To get rid of it you will need Terre de Sommières which you can find in our leather care kit.
This fine clay is known for its ultra-absorbent properties.

  1. For more efficiency, start by 'reactivating' the fat by slightly heating it with a hair dryer.

  2. Then, cover the stain with a mound of Terre de Sommières.

  3. Let stand like this for at least 72 hours without touching.

  4. To remove Terre de Sommières, blow and dust.

  5. Taadaaaa!

I scratched my leather bag

You will say that we are rambling, but once again our maintenance kit will save your life! You will find a woolly skin there. The heat and gentle friction of the wool will give the leather a patina and greatly reduce scratches/scratches on your leather bag or wallet.

  1. With the woolen side, make small soft circles on the scratch/scratch

  2. Then, make bigger and bigger circles by putting more and more pressure.

NB: the shearling fades the scratches by giving them a patina. So remember to go over the entire surface to avoid differences in patina.

How to maintain aged leather?

Leather is a living material that needs to be nourished regularly.

  1. Start with a discreet and invisible place (for example under the bag).

  2. Apply nourishing milk for leather using a soft chamois type cloth.

  3. Once the surface is dry and the leather has completely absorbed the milk, polish the leather with the woolen skin present in the maintenance kit.

NB: this operation should only be carried out after a few years, when the leather has really aged. This procedure will make it possible to nourish it, to restore shine to the colors and to soften it.
Be careful, the cream is very nourishing! It will darken the color and make the leather shine. You will lose the velvety look.

Last chance solution

If none of the above solutions has made it possible to detach your leather bag, it becomes very stained or deeply soiled, the last chance solution is to put it in the washing machine.
Be careful, this last maneuver will significantly reduce stains and dirt, but it will also give your product a more vintage and worn look.

  1. Run your bag on a short program (15-20 min ideally, MAXIMUM 30 min), at 30 degrees, with spin. Do not use detergent or fabric softener, washing must be done with water only.

  2. Before drying your bag, stuff it with rags and towel so that it dries in the right shape. Do this carefully as your bag will retain any creases it may pick up when drying.

  3. Then, air dry your bag (no heaters or hair dryers).

  4. Once completely dry, pass nourishing milk with a soft chamois over the entire surface in order to re-soften the leather which will have stiffened in the machine.

  5. When the leather has finished absorbing the milk, polish it with the sheepskin.

  6. If necessary, renew the cream-gloss.