A Made In France leather goods house

Reasoned production in our Graulhet workshop

For more than 50 years, all our products (without exception!) have been handmade in our workshop located in Graulhet, in the Tarn.

From the cut, to the pike, through the way, everything is made by our talented craftsmen for whom the respect and the transmission of a historical know-how is essential.

Since 2016, we have been labeled EPV . This state label is a guarantee of our Made In France production on all our products, as well as recognition of our exceptional know-how.

As soon as possible, we buy our raw materials in France, in companies often also labeled EPV. Today, 79% of the costs of our products come entirely from French manufacturing, and we are continually working to improve this ratio.

79% du coût des produits est issu d'une fabrication française

We want to be as transparent as possible and therefore reveal to you what exactly constitutes our 79%:

  • YKK zip: Seclin, in the North
  • Labels and cards: Tarn
  • Packaging box for small leather goods: Tarn
  • Cookie Cutter: Tarn
  • Portfolio pvc windows: Tarn, company labeled “EPV”
  • Leather and fabric border: Tarn, company labeled “EPV”
  • Leather: tanned in France in an “EPV” labeled tannery
  • Catalog: printed in France in a printing house labeled “EPV”
  • Purchase, maintenance and repair of machinery from French manufacturers and companies
  • Purchase of various raw materials from the leather industrial fabric of Graulhet
  • And of course, our Atelier Graulhetois with its craftsmen and operating costs

Promise and Commitment

We have always been a leather goods house committed to reasoned production, to products of rare quality, to craftsmanship and the transmission of know-how. Whenever possible, we also work with other Graulhetois leather players and promote local economic dynamism .

A 100% French production for:

Limit our environmental footprint

Preserving a unique know-how

Prioritize a local ecosystem