The story of Ateliers Fourès began in 1969, when Rosine and Jean-Louis Fourès, husband and wife, founded the company and settled in Graulhet, 40 minutes from Toulouse.

At that time, Graulhet was the world capital of leather with more than 300 active tanneries and leather goods. Leather work is the expertise that brings the city to life, and Rosine and Jean-Louis surround themselves with the best craftsmen to make their small leather goods in exceptionally supple leathers.

Unlike most leather goods shops that manufacture unbranded products for wholesale distributors, Ateliers Fourès manufactures its products in its workshop in Graulhet and markets them under its own brand.

The runaway globalization in the 80s and 90s did a lot of harm to the French leather industry. Despite the waves of closures and relocations, the Ateliers Fourès remain in France, in Graulhet, and have up to 20 craftsmen.


It was in 1996 that the couple, made up of André Mazars and Véronique Brogniart, both employees of Ateliers Fourès, took over the company.

Under their leadership, the company is recovering and diversifying, while continuing to work with leather players who have remained in Graulhet.

To the historic range of small leather goods, are added lines of bags and a men's range which greatly contribute to the success of the brand.

10 new artisans are joining the teams to bring these new innovative collections to life.


In 2016, a young couple of entrepreneurs took over the company: Amandine Guy-Gras and Logan Guy. Both passionate about leather goods, they invest in modernizing the company and its products while preserving the soul of the brand. A great challenge for which Véronique remains by their side.

Craftsmanship, local collaboration, beautiful materials and vibrant colors remain the essence of Ateliers Fourès.

It was also in 2016 that the Ateliers Fourès brand was awarded the EPV state label: Living Heritage Company . This label is the consecration and recognition of more than 50 years of unique and rare craftsmanship.

The company continues to grow and now has just under 50 expert and passionate craftsmen. The know-how of each is rare and precious. It has been preserved and transmitted over the generations of the couples of entrepreneurs who have succeeded each other for more than fifty years.

It is this know-how, which defines the Ateliers Fourès, that we want to show you through our collections of leather bags, our men's wallets and women's wallets, our leather belts...

In short...

Ateliers Fourès is a rich history, passionate entrepreneurs, nearly 50 talented craftsmen, full-grain leather of exceptional quality, vibrant and subtle colors, a local ecosystem.

Come and discover it in the flesh! 😊

And for the Sherlock Holmes who will have noticed... we are only talking about our Graulhetois workshop while our name is conjugated in the plural...

RDV here to solve this mystery