A rich ecosystem and close collaboration

Ateliers Fourès is the soul of our workshop associated with the know-how of all the leather players in Graulhet. We conjugate our name in the plural because we include the leather professionals who accompany us on a daily basis: tannery, tannery, fabric supplier, machinists and industrial mechanics who repair our precious manufacturing tools...

Graulhet Leather Association

Nearly 80 players in Graulhet leather are gathered at the heart of the Graulhet Le Cuir association.

Ateliers Fourès is one of the founding members and Amandine Guy-Gras is its vice-president. We are very committed to the development of the local economy through our actions as a brand but also as a community.

This association allows us:

All these projects make us vibrate!

Don't hesitate to come and meet us to vibrate with us 😊